About Campus Shift

Are you a university student that is buying and selling textbooks?

Are you a student government that wants to help the students that you represent work together to find ways to stop spending a fortune on textbooks so you have more money for pizza and beer?

Campus Shift is here to help shift your money away from buying textbooks to help you buy more pizza and beer (or whatever you really want).

We are a couple of guys that have been students and never had enough money. We worked hard to get through school, but we left with too much debt. Everyone does, but Campus Shift is working to change that today.

Why we're doing this:

In 2006, Derek Haake was an undergraduate at the University of Texas who found inspiration in a professor.

“I will never forget his booming voice saying that if you can help someone – do something about an evil in this world – and you don’t, then you are perpetuating that evil on those that it befalls.”

Then, as a law and business graduate student at the University of Akron in 2007, Haake used his professor’s inspiration to create his first textbook search engine.


Derek Haake found that the textbook market was evil and did something about it. He is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer and the man behind the curtain that makes it all happen. He can also write a mean contract and evaluate it from a business perspective with a JD and an MBA following his name (and the student loans to prove it).

Jeff Lorton joined Derek to Co-Found Campus Shift and to help support the cause and shift money back into students’ pockets. It has been a long time since Jeff graduated, but his student loans followed him for many years. He has not forgotten.

Campus Shift has established relationships with many of the vendors that are shown in our search results, and Campus Shift earns a small fee on transactions that are completed at these third party sites. Campus Shift does not in any way control the activities of these companies, and we do not, buy, sell or rent textbooks.


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